Saturday, September 22, 2012


"Rone’s posters are some of the most iconic in Australia, hiding under overpasses throughout Melbourne. He is renowned for the stylised images of ‘girls’ faces – it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he’s had more posters in his home town’s streets than any other artist in history."


I cannot say his work is particularly thought provoking, or even particularly original, but I can say it's a collection of easy-on-the-eye portraits that I really wouldn't mind adopting into my every day street scenery. Lined side-by-side, the pieces show case a collection of beautiful, young women all seemingly burdoned by something, or thinking about someone.

I think what captures me the most is their eyes- they seem to jump off the canvas/wall every single time....

Scroll through the collection his work here: RONE PORTFOLIO

Read about his next show here: DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN

Saphire 2011

#4 2012

Pain and Guilt 2011

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